Brauerei A. Hürlimann to Hermann Schülein

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Brewery workers strike in Saint Louis

Brochure commemorating Hermann Schuelein’s 70th birthday, printed by Beth Hillel Synagogue, New York, N.Y.

Brochure of the Bettmann Archive

Bronner's Census Record

Bronner’s Naturalization Record

Brune, Frederick Census Record, 1820

Brune, Frederick Census Record, 1860

Business Card for Jacobs’ Pharmacy

Business card of Friedrich and Hormel meat market

Business card of the Victor G. Bloede Company in Baltimore, Maryland

C. & J. Michel Brewing Company's Perfection brand bottled beer Advertisement

C.H. Guenther & Son company stationery

C.H. Guenther & Sons receipt for the sale of flour, rye, and cornmeal

C.H. Guenther letter from the Live Oak Mill, Gillespie County, Texas

Cadwallader Colden, "Interest of the Country in Laying Duties"

Californian Pioneer: Claus Spreckels Obituary

Carl Loeb to Henry Bruere

Cartoon and description of Ike Kempner as an important figure in the Galveston community

Cartoon depicting F.W. Dohrmann juggling his many business and civic commitments

Cartoon profile of E.J. Brach, President, E.J. Brach and Sons, Candy Manufacturers

Castle in the Town: Spreckels’ Van Ness Street Mansion

Catalog of Adolph Lewisohn's private library

Catalogue cover and illustration of a large Singer sewing machine for use in industry

CBS ad “We’re not so young,” featuring a seventeenth-century woodcut by Athanasius Kircher

Certificate conferring the Bayerischen Verdienstorden (Bavarian Order of Merit) on Schuelein

Certificate of employment for Gottlob Löckle

Charlotte Journal Article concerning the Bechtler private mint

Charter and Bylaws of the Germania Life Insurance Company

Christian Heurich letterhead