Berlitz Method in German

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Berlitz Publication Advertising the Gold and Silver Medals Awarded to the Company at 1900 Paris Universal Exposition

Berlitz School Advertisement in Providence Daily Journal

Berlitz School Receipt

Berlitz, Maximilian D. Passport Application

Berlizheimer, David, Birth Register, Mühringen, Württemberg

Berlizheimer, David, Family register, Mühringen, Württemberg, 1852

Bettmann, Hans Isidor and Charlotte's, Otto’s parents, ship arrival record

Bettmann, Otto's Dissertation file

Bettmann, Otto’s dissertation's title page

Bettmann, Otto’s naturalization certificate, index card

Bill of lading for merchandise shipped by Bernard Gratz aboard the sloop Sally captained by John Holmes

Bill of sale to Mrs. Reynolds of Hoosick, New York, for a Singer Patent Perpendicular-Acting Sewing Machine in a black-walnut folding case

Bird's-eye map of Niagara Falls, New York

Bird's-eye view of Buffalo, New York, at the turn of the twentieth century

Bird’s eye map of St. Louis with the location of Adam Hammer's Humboldt Institut marked

Birthday Wishes for Albert Schoenhut

Bloede, Victor G., U.S. Patent for an Improved Mucilaginous Compound

Bloede, Victor G., U.S. Patent for the Process of Tinting Fabrics

Bloede’s Mucilage and universal letter scales, and jobbers of stationers’ sundries advertisement

Bomberger, Harold S. to Max S. Hirsch

Bottle bib

Bought for $10,000,000

Brach Swing Bar wrapper

Brach, Emil J.’s cutter, cooler, and conveyor machines advertisement

Brach’s Fresh advertisement

Brach’s Chocolate Party Mix advertisement featuring Ilka Chase

Brach’s Milk Chocolate Almond Bar advertisement

Branch Offices and Logo of Schoellkopf, Hartford & Hanna Co.

Brauerei A. Hürlimann to Hermann Schülein