Charlotte Journal Article concerning the Bechtler private mint

July 24, 1835

The Whig Journal attacks Congressman Connor’s hostile circular on the Bank of the U.S. and describes his flip flop on the subject of establishing a branch of the mint in N.C. In 1831 Connor told crowds that there was no need for a branch mint since Bechtler’s private mint served the same purpose.

Excerpt: Charlotte Journal, July 24, 1835, page 1

“From the Greensborough Patriot”

H. W. Conners last circular

. . . In 1831 when he was opposed by Bartlett Ship, he lifted his voice long and loud against the establishment of a Mint in his district. He said it would cost two millions of dollars; and that his dear constituents would be taxed with that sum! He would then talk about the subject, with tears in his eyes, until his hearers were worked up to the stricking (sic) point; he would then draw from his breeches pocket a few pieces of Beckler’s coin, of Rutherford, and send it round among the people for inspection. It being new, they were naturally pleased with it, and one would say to another; “This will answer our purpose well enough, and we don’t want to be taxed for the benefit of those gulde mine fellers!”