Jan Logemann

German Historical Institute

Jan Logemann studied modern German and U.S. history at Pennsylvania State University and Humboldt University in Berlin as well as at the Free University's John-F.-Kennedy Institute. His research focuses on transatlantic comparisons and the development of mass consumer societies in the twentieth century. His monograph Trams or Tailfins: Public and Private Prosperity in Postwar West Germany and the United States will appear with U Chicago Press in the fall of 2012. His article “Different Paths to Mass Consumption: Consumer Credit in the United States and West Germany during the 1950s and '60s” appeared in the Journal of Social History in the summer of 2008 and his essay “Einkaufsparadies und 'Gute Stube': Fussgängerzonen in Westdeutschen Innenstädten der 1950er bis 1970er Jahre” appeared in Adelheid v. Saldern (ed.), Stadt und Kommunikation in bundesrepublikanischen Umbruchszeiten (Stuttgart: Franz Steiner 2006). He is the project coordinator of Transatlantic Perspectives: Europe in the Eyes of European Immigrants to the United States. His current research project looks at the role of European immigrants in transatlantic exchanges in commercial design, market culture, and American consumer culture since the interwar years.

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