Astor Library Interior

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Astor, John Jacob

Astor, John Jacob Buying Pelts From Indians

Astor, John Jacob Portrait

Astor, John Jacob, A life of

Astor, John Jacob, seated

Astoria in 1812

Atophan box marketed by Schering & Glatz in the United States, 1929

Audubon Cellars wine series labels

Augsburger Kammgarnspinnerei (worsted yarn spinning mill), 1913

August Gemünder & Sons "Excelsior" Violin, ca. 1890s

August Gemünder violin dated 1885

August Schell Brewing Company brew house in New Ulm, Minnesota, 20th Century

August Schell residence, Twentieth South Street, New Ulm, Minnesota, 1990

Augustus Lutheran Church, built 1743-5, Trappe, Pa.

Axle assembly area in the Duesenberg factory

B & W Sport Trainer Biplane Afloat on Lake Union

B. Altman & Co. Delivery Wagon, B. Altman & Co. Book of Styles, 1904

B. Altman & Co. Store on Fifth Avenue and Thirty-Fourth Street, New York City, 1914

B. Altman & Company Fifth Avenue Store

B. Altman & Company Fifth Avenue Store, ca. World War I

B. Nathan & Company, Kearny and Sacramento streets, ca. 1860s

Böing, Wilhelm Sr. Portrait

Backlot at Universal Studios

Badge showing an early depiction of Sailor Jack

Baer, Ralph Display at the University of New Hampshire Law Library

Baer, Ralph in his Lab

Baer’s Original Schematic, September 6, 1966

Ballin, Albert, ca 1915-1920

Bank of America headquarters, San Francisco, 1939