In Memoriam. William J.D. Keuffel


Page from the album In Memoriam. William J.D. Keuffel, 1908, published by the Akademischer Verein von Hoboken [Academic Association of Hoboken], October 6, 1908, leaf 1.

The Hoboken Academy was a private German school founded by Saxon immigrant Adolf Douai in 1860. Keuffel served as president of the Academy for a time. On October 6, 1908, the members of the Academy convened for a special meeting to mark Keuffel’s death on October 1. The Academy also published an album in memory of Keuffel, from which the following page was taken. It reads (in English translation):

Academic Association of Hoboken
In a special assembly of the board of the Hoboken Academy, held on October 6, 1908, the chair of the board asked the members to stand for a moment in memory of former president Mr. Wilhelm J.D. Keuffel, who passed away on October 1, and the following resolutions were adopted.