Full-page German-language Advertisement for the Davenport Malting Company


In 1902, the year of Oscar Koehler’s death, the Davenport Malting Company took out a full-page German-language advertisement in the commemorative publication honoring the 50th anniversary of the Davenport Turner society, of which Koehler was a member. The advertisement reads, in translation: “Our Pale Export Bottled Beer is brewed from barley malt and Bohemian hops, and is never bottled before it is six months old. From a health perspective, it stands at the top of all restorative beverages brewed from malt and hops. Visitors to our city are warmly welcomed to our brewery.” From: Advertisement in August Paul Richter, Die Davenporter Turngemeinde. Gedenkschrift zu Ihrem Goldenen Jubiläum, 5. August 1902. Davenport, Iowa, n.p.