Cone, Herman Portrait, n.d.


Portrait of Herman Cone, n.d.

Herman Cone (1828-1897) was the father of Moses and Ceasar Cone. A first-generation immigrant, Herman Cone (born Kahn) left his native Bavaria in 1846, just shy of his eighteenth birthday. His first stop was Richmond, Virginia, where his sister had settled some years earlier. During his early years in the United States, Herman Cone lived in Richmond, in Luneburg County, Virginia, and in Jonesborough, Tennessee. Like many other Jewish-German immigrants, he began his career as a peddler and then established his own dry goods business, first in Jonesborough, and later in Baltimore. Both Moses and Ceasar started their own careers in Herman Cone’s Baltimore store. From Half Century Book 1891-1941 (Greensboro, NC: Cone Export & Commission Co., 1941), p. 12.