Mallinckrodt, Edward Sr. Portrait, n.d.


Portrait of Edward Mallinckrodt Sr., n.d.

In 1867, Edward Mallinckrodt (1845-1928) and his two brothers, Otto and Gustav, founded G. Mallinckrodt & Co. in St. Louis. After Otto and Gustav died in relatively quick succession (in December 1876 and June 1877, respectively), Edward was left to run the company on his own. The company was incorporated in 1882 and continued to grow into a nationally recognized firm known for its high-quality chemical and pharmaceutical products. After Edward’s death in 1928, the firm was led by his son, Edward Mallinckrodt Jr.

This portrait of Edward Mallinckrodt Sr. at the height of his career was published in Chemical Pioneers: The Founders of the American Chemical Industry, by Williams Haynes. New York: D. Van Nostrand Company, Inc. 1939.