Boston kindergarten, 1881

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Bostonians (Klaw & Erlanger Light Opera Company), Poster, 1899

Bottle, attributed to Manheim, Pennsylvania, glassworks of Henry William Stiegel, 1765-1774

Bottles of Budweiser in a scene from a railroad restaurant car, 1904

Bottles of tartaric acid produced by Pfizer, ca. 1862

Boxed set of Cöllnisch Current-Fraktur type (stempel) likely from the type foundry of Dr. Heinrich Ehrenfried Luther

Boy Working in Sweatshop, 1889

Boyle Gert and Neal as newlyweds, ca. 1948

Boyle, Gert from a Columbia Sportswear ad, 1993

Boyle, Gert pictured in a greeting card reading “Greetings from the Gang”

Boyle, Gertrude “Gert,” ca. 1992

Brach candymaking, ca. 1904

Brach Cartoon

Brach Factory Building, 1940s

Brach Palace of Sweets, ca. 1905

Brach workers packaging candies for the Rose line, 1948

Brach, Edwin and Frank

Brach, Emil J. Portrait, 1945

Brach, Emil J. with Brach employees at the E. J. Brach and Sons factory, 1946

Brach's chocolate tanks, ca. 1947

Brach's wrapping machines, ca. 1947

Brewery Delivery Truck

Brewery workers pose outside the August Schell Brewery, 1885

Bride and Bridesmaids Dresses, B. Altman & Co. Book of Styles, 1904

British Airways 747 Corporate Design by Landor & Associates

British Airways Concorde Super Sonic Transport (SST) Designed by Landor & Associates


Broadway Panorama

Brommy, Karl Rudolf's Birthplace

Bronner, Emanuel and Paula, ca. 1935