Betz, John F., n.d.

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Bird's Eye Map of San Francisco, ca. 1864

Bird's Eye View of the Brooklyn Bridge during its Official Dedication, 1883

Bird's Eye view of the Singer factory, Elizabethport, New Jersey, ca. 1880

Birds-eye view of New York City looking north from battery Park, 1870

Birds-eye view of New York City, ca. 1856

Birth house of Henry Miller, present day

Birthplace of Henry J. Kaiser, Sprout Brook, New York

Blacksmith shop, probably Ohio, ca. 1897

Blast furnace at Fontana steel plant

Blessing of a new press for the Omaha Tribüne, ca. 1950s

Bloede, Victor Gustav Portrait, ca. 1900

Bloede’s Dam on the Patapsco River near Ilchester, MD, ca. 1907

Bloomfield Farm with the shops and cattle pens

Bloomfield, home of Henry Miller, completed in 1887

Blue Note Records recording, Port of Harlem, 1939

Boas, Emil Leopold, Portrait from Prominent and Progressive Americans, 1904

Boas, Emil portrait, 1904

Boege Family Gathering

Boeing 40B Mail Plane at Sand Point Airfield

Boeing workers making propellers

Boeing, William and Bertha on the deck of the yacht Taconite, July 15, 1930

Boeing, William E. at the Santa Anita racetrack, 1938

Boeing, William E. Portrait, 1934

Boeing, William leaving a hearing of the Black Committee, 1934

Bolter, Andrew portrait

Bolter, Joseph portrait

Bolters used for sieving flour

Bonniecrest, from “Greenwich Beautiful,” 1913

Bonniecrest, the Boas Family’s Summer Home in Greenwich, CT, n.d.