Wheeler, Wayne B., 1920

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White House, Nov. 1913

White Lilly Flour, introduced in 1896 in Knoxville, Tennessee, by the White Lily Food Company, was one of several brands acquired by C.H. Guenther & Son

White Oak flour was a specialty flour created for commercial bakers

White Oak Mills, ca. 1925

White Wings Flour was one of the signature brands created by the company following the settlement of the lawsuit between C.H. Guenther & Son and the Guenther Milling Company in 1899

Wilde, Oscar, 1882

William Filene Storefront, Salem, MA, 1881

William Knabe & Company Piano Factory, ca. 1873

Willibrandt, Mabel Walker at Her Desk

Wilson, Jessie (Mrs. Francis B. Sayre), portrait photograph, Nov. 24, 1913

Wilson, Woodrow, Mrs. (formerly Mrs. Norman Galt), portrait photograph, Feb. 16, 1915

Wilson, Woodrow, President, portrait photograph, Aug. 7, 1916

Window Display at Marshall Field

Wire Chairs Designed by Harry Bertoia for Knoll, 1952

Wisconsin Immigration Brochure

Wislizenus, Friedrich Adolph Portrait

Wistar, Caspar Inventory Sheet

Wistar, Caspar’s Oath of Loyalty

Wistar’s Agreement with Glass Makers

Wolff, Frank with his camera in New York City, early 1950s

Wollenberg painting, Gertrude Arnstein of Alaskan wilderness

Wollenberg, Harry after merger, ca. 1919

Wollenberg, Harry in Boston, 1924, shortly before the Beacon Oil merger

Wollenberg, Harry in Juneau, Alaska, ca. 1913

Wollenberg, Harry in Mexico, 1908

Wollenberg, Harry, ca. 1950

Wollenberg, Louis and Fannie Kalischer, Castro Valley, California, 1871

Woman at a soda fountain pouring alcohol out of a compartment in her cane, 1922

Woman holds a WFIL-TV sign, late 1940s