Spanish and Portuguese Advertisements for the National Ammonia Company


In 1889, Edward Mallinckrodt Sr. forged an agreement with other producers of anhydrous ammonia. As a result, Mallinckrodt Chemical Works, Larkin & Scheffer, De La Vergne Refrigerating Machine Company, Delaware Chemical Company, and Theodore J. Goldschmid merged their interests and founded the National Ammonia Company, of which Edward Mallinckrodt became the first president. Less than a decade after its creation, National Ammonia established a subsidiary in Australia, where it competed with European producers for market share. The company was engaged in similar competition in Japan and in South and Central America. This 1914 advertisement, which was printed in both Spanish and Portuguese, demonstrates that National Ammonia was competing in a global market. The advertisement was published in Refrigerating World 48 (1914), p. 65.