Immigrant entrepreneurship project presented in German language Jahrbuch der historische Forschung

General editors Uwe Spiekermann and Hartmut Berghoff presented the goals, organization and challenges of the GHI’s Immigrant Entrepreneurship Project in German language in the Jahrbuch der historische Forschung. The journal, which is partly available online for free gives an annual overview of historical research in Germany. In addition, every volume contains reports on leading research projects. This year, the network of the Max Weber Foundation presented the most important research projects of the German Historical Institutes in Rome, Paris, London, Warsaw, Moscow and Washington.

  • Download the article: Hartmut Berghoff and Uwe Spiekermann, "Immigrant Entrepreneurship: German-American Business Biographies, 1720 to the Present. Zielsetungen, Organisation und Herausforderungen eines Forschungsprojektes des Deutschen Historischen Instituts Washington," Jahrbuch der Historischen Forschung in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland: Berichtsjahr 2012 (2013): 53-61.